The Latin American Association for Alternative Development is a non-profit organization based in the city of Quito, Ecuador. It obtained its legal status on March 14, 2002, by Ministerial Agreement No. 100638 of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion.

We are a group of women and men with a high commitment to support the construction of an inclusive, equitable and sustainable society. We seek to collectively design strategies with people, their communities and territories towards social development with a rights approach.

Contributions to the crowdfunding campaign will be considered as donations to the KARA SOLAR project. Here are some of the terms and conditions for the offered rewards:

1. The images of the rewards are referential and serve to illustrate the benefits of contributing to the KARA SOLAR crowdfunding campaign.

2. The one-night stay* reward at Urku Wasi and Sacha Ji are packages designed for two people only. These include food and accommodation (plus a massage session in the 'JUUNTRI' package), but not international and / or local travel expenses.

3. The special visit to the Achuar territory on board of Tapiatpia ('AIR' and 'JUUNTRI' packages) includes food and accommodation expenses in the Achuar communities, but not international and / or local travel expenses, up to the Achuar territory .

4. The rewards will be sent approximately three after the end of the KARA SOLAR crowdfunding campaign. The ALDEA Foundation is not responsible for delays in the delivery service of the courier company or postal service.

5. The contributor is responsible for providing an accurate contact and shipping information for the offered rewards in this crowdfunding campaign.

6. The tourist packages for Urku Wasi, Sacha Jí and in the Achuar communities, will have a validity of one year, after the end of the crowdfunding campaign.